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Learn English as a second language in a native environment

Cultural immersion in an English speaking country is the most effective way to improve one’s English. All of our programmes require that students live with host families where English is the mother tongue. In many cases, other students of a different nationality will stay in the same host family.

Enjoy a learning holiday

Our courses are designed so that students can both learn English and have a good time. These goals don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive! By downloading the brochure of our school, it can be seen that a comprehensive activity programme is a prerequisite for all courses.

Our school is located in Cork which is located in the beautiful South West of Ireland. . This gives our students the benefits of the services that can be found in a city with the option to also explore the nature which can be found in this region.

“Melting pot” of cultures

This is an intangible benefit of taking a course with the South of Ireland Language Centre but in many ways it is also one of the most important benefits. Students at our schools come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds comprising different nationalities. We often think of our school environment as a “melting pot” of cultures.

Students of our schools make many new friends and quite often they keep in contact long after the course has finished.

Quality of teaching

Regarding our teaching staff, all teachers are native English speakers with University degrees. It is also a requirement that teachers have the relevant TESOL qualification and have several years of teaching experience. The younger teachers are involved in the afternoon activities and travel with students on Saturday excursions.

External examinations

During the month of July, students can opt to sit for the Trinity College London exams, which is an external examining board validating that a student has reached a certain level of English. In most Spain and Italy, can earn credits towards their final high school marks if they have successfully passed the Trinity College London examination.

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